dClass.io Governance

A Decentralized classified ads platform

dClass.io is a Decentralised classified ads platform aims to bring privacy driven ecommerce across the world. dClass is building the foundation of the future way of doing business on Binance Smart Chain. Marketplace of 2 Million Users users can promote their classified ad post to millions of users, which we are expected to reach in next 12 months by using aggressive growth tactics.

Every year $19 billion is spent to advertise on classified website platforms.

The overall impact of classified ads in terms of business across its users is more than $300b+

We aim to become one of top classified websites in terms of traffic across the globe.

Today, we’re proud to introduce a governance system that will replace the dClass protocol’s administrator with community governance — allowing you to suggest, debate, and implement changes to dClass.io — without relying on, or requiring, our team whatsoever.

The dClass governance token

Participation starts with the dClass governance token, dClass.

In addition to being a standard BEP-20 asset, dClass is also the main token of the platform itself, that means it’s used for governance, staking, rewards, lottery and whatever the platform has to offer.

Our governance strategy is bep-20-balance-of, that means you can only vote for proposals when you hold dClass tokens.

Community Decisions, not ours

We believe in democratizing access to finance, what else can be a better way to give entire power to the community. Create custom polls, vote for good ones, bring new ideas to the table, change the world for better.

We’ve designed a simple governance platform powered by Snapshot.org so that you can easily participate in shaping the direction of dClass. Here’s how it works:

Anybody can propose a governance action; these are simple or complex sets of actions, such as listing new token, changing transaction fees, changing leverage pool interest rate, or changing any other parameter or variable of the protocol that the current administrator can modify.

All proposals are subject to the voting period that proper can define, and any address with voting power can vote for or against the proposal. If a majority votes are cast for the proposal, it’ll queue to be implemented.

And if you don’t like the governance framework, great! You can vote to replace it with a new model.

Testing dClass Governance

For days, we’ve been designing and building dClass governance; today, the journey begins: https://governance.dclass.io/

dClass has been deployed to 0x55D19868e3996c2581A18857d6B3800668EfdD2A

The dClass contract code has been audited by UniCrypt.

dClass Official Links:
— Website: https://dclass.io
— Governance: https://governance.dclass.io/
— Twitter: https://twitter.com/d_Classio
— Medium: http://dclass.medium.com/
— Reddit: @dclass
— Discord: https://discord.gg/c7GmbXxRPC